Jun 22, 2023
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Best Lab Grown Diamonds - Not All Diamonds are Grown Equal
Lab grown diamonds are graded and certified exactly the same way mined diamonds are since they are, in fact, physically and chemically identical. Therefore, the 4C’s (cut, colour, clarity, and carat) that are used to grade and differentiate them are also the same. Anyone, in theory, after a bit of reading, will be easily able to pick the diamond they want by prioritising some of the 4Cs over the other and balancing them against their budget. However, the grades of the 4Cs don’t tell the whole story, and you might be overpaying for the diamond or might not even be making the right purchase.
In short, the 4C grades are not as clear cut or black or white as the certificates portray; there is a whole spectrum between each grade, and the resulting difference in quality can have an outsize impact on the diamond’s value. Take, for example, VS2 diamonds; experienced gemmologists can group them as VS2+, VS2 even, or VS2-. It is not uncommon to find VS2 stones that are borderline VS1, which our gemologist classifies as VS2+. However, we cannot simply list it as VS2+ on our website. The accompanying report from IGI, GIA, or GCAL will only list it as a VS2, thereby causing confusion if we contradict or don’t match their official reports.
In the same vein, there are diamonds that are at the lower end of the, for example, VS1 spectrum that our gemmologist internally classifies as VS2+. These borderline VS2 diamonds, however, are listed in their certificates as VS1, depriving customers of any nuance in their purchasing decision. Customers will end up paying a premium for the VS1 classification to buy diamonds that are, in essence, VS2+. Similarly, the colour grade is internally subdivided by our gemmologists into + (plus), even, and – (minus). An E- colour diamond will command a higher premium over an F+ colour diamond, even though both are almost the same in colour. 
To provide our customers with the best value, we have six full-time, industry certified gemmologist on our team whose main job is to be on the constant lookout for diamonds that are in the upper range of every category, the + (plus), division of clarity and colour especially, by poring over videos and photos from suppliers. They do the heavy lifting for our customers by personally inspecting each diamond to ensure we only bring the best in grade diamonds to Australia. It is far better for the consumer and us in the long term, we believe, to only sell good quality products instead of stones of random quality in order to build mutual trust.

We do this by taking advantage of a quirk of the diamond supply chain. The way the diamond industry works is the diamond cutters cut diamonds in batches, often 100s at a time and needing to offload their finished stone quickly to make space for new inventory, often call their favourite customers and provide them with a stock list and let them have the first pick. As it so happens, Novita Diamonds is the favourite customer of many of the best and most productive diamond cutters out there. Our enviable position as the world’s largest seller of lab diamonds, in addition to our track record as a reliable and dependable business partner, means we get preferential treatment from our suppliers. And our gemmologists work very hard to use this first pick advantage over other retailers to the full effect. They carefully evaluate every diamond on the list and finally pick around 8 to 11 out of every 100 diamonds to purchase and bring to Australia. The list, now without the best lab diamonds that we chose, gets passed down to other less influential retailers and so on till the smallest one mostly gets the leftover diamonds which are at the bottom of their respective grades, for example, VS2-, VVS1-, F-, G- and so on. These undesirable stones are the same ones being sold for very cheap online to lure in customers unaware that they are sold for a bargain because no reputable diamond seller is willing to stock them.   
Best Man Made Diamonds 

As the largest seller of lab grown diamonds in the world with exceptionally strong industry relationships, we are able to command excellent prices for the very best lab grown diamonds and pass those savings back to you, our customers. We believe that by only stocking the cream of the crop of the best man made diamonds, we can build a solid reputation among customers and their friends and family as the go-to destination for the best in class diamonds and customer service. We recommend you always try to pick diamonds that are marked as ‘available in the showroom’ to take advantage of the tireless work of our gemmologist and, in the process, get the opportunity to own the very best lab diamond at unmatchable prices.  
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