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Feb 16, 2023
The insider story of Lab Grown Diamonds

In addition to disrupting the corrupt and destructive mined diamond industry, we are also passionate about protecting the environment and its inhabitants. In that regard, we recently partnered with Dress for Success, an amazing charity, which has produced measurable results.


Being able to provide marginalized women with a fighting chance made us excited with possibility of doing more. It was vital that we next partnered with an organization that had even greater ambitions on a truly global scale; WWF proved to be the perfect ally.


Taking part in WWF's "Partners in Purpose" program is a way for Novita Diamonds to directly help restore and rehabilitate wildlife, including koalas and other marsupials. With nearly five million supporters worldwide, WWF is working tirelessly to "slow and eventually stop the extinction of threatened plants and animals."


In the same way that we have worked with DFS to develop a fantastic partnership, we are delighted to be part of WWF's 'Regenerate Australia' initiative, and we are looking forward to seeing the results.