Apr 27, 2023
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Proudly Women Owned and Led!

Novita Diamonds is the world's largest retailer of lab grown diamonds, but that's not what makes it unique. What makes this company any different from any other diamond or jewellery manufacturer? Novita is proudly owned and operated by women! It might surprise you that most of the established diamond brands are run by men or boards of men, leaving them increasingly out of touch with the evolving and dynamic engagement ring industry. 


It would be best if we started at the beginning to give you a full understanding of the context. Over the course of her extensive career, "Iris Arnold", the founder and director of Novita Diamonds, has witnessed first-hand how old and established diamond companies exploit their clients. First-time buyers are usually unfamiliar with the industry and are rarely in a position to make decisions that benefits them and not the seller.

However, most of the employees of these companies and stores tried their best to help customers make a good purchase decision regardless of top-down pressure and interference from upper management to continuously upsell customers expensive options and addons that were not appropriate for them at either the taste or budget level. Employees with the greatest positive impact were those who consistently risked the wrath of management by supplying genuine recommendations that did not necessarily make the company the most profit. Almost always, Iris recognized, those authentic employees were women who successfully formed meaningful connections with customers. The unfortunate reality was that they were repeatedly denied opportunities to pursue and implement their hard-earned ideas and creative inspirations. 

Iris decided that the only way to resolve these deep-rooted issues was to set up and run a business owned and operated by women; this is how Novita Diamonds was born. Throughout its existence, the company's goal has remained unchanged: to empower employees and the workforce to go above and beyond what is required to provide choice, value, and, most importantly, a positive customer experience. 

100% Female Management and 85% Female Workforce


Efforts to bring about positive fundamental change should always begin at the root level. We meticulously screen each and every one of our employees, 85% of whom are women, to ensure that they are passionate and fully committed to Novita Diamonds' sole mission of providing the best possible service to our customers. By studying the shortcomings of established brands, Iris developed a culture of personal responsibility and confidence among her female employees. In contrast to traditional male-dominated, often out-of-touch management that ignores the valuable insights and ideas gathered through customer interactions in favour of arbitrary decisions, at Novita, anyone can and is encouraged to voice their opinions and influence the direction of the company.


We have already differentiated ourselves from our competitors due to our innovative management approach, and we have been able to thrive as a result. In the early days of Novita Diamonds, a unanimous decision by our women staff, backed by Iris, was that Novita Diamonds would only sell lab-grown diamonds. In addition to being environmentally friendly and completely free of slave labour, lab-grown diamonds provide unparalleled value to our customers, allowing them to afford higher quality and larger stones than they otherwise might be able to afford. 


With our philosophy of empowering our female employees, Novita Diamonds has been able to focus on aspects that matter and make a real impact. Most high street jewellery stores spend a great deal of money renting prime locations to wow and impress potential customers. Our approach at Novita Diamonds is the exact opposite. We offer a focused, streamlined online shopping experience and limit our appointments to quiet, calm locations, enabling our highly passionate female agents to do what they are best at, guiding our customers towards the right purchases without upselling or pressuring. Our inclusive decision-making philosophy extends to the development of our new ring and jewellery designs. By collectively contributing to the creation, testing, and, finally, approval of the ring designs, our female workforce ensures that all new designs are sensible and add value to our customers. 


Because we are confident with our workforce structure and management style, we will continue to empower and employ a majority of women to maintain our competitive edge and focus on what matters: the customer experience.